The Politically Correct Inquisition

If you asked me this is what the world would have been like when I left the military I would have laughed in your face.  At no point in my life did I ever think that people would think it would be morally correct to demonize others just because they have a different opinion.  Nor did I think anybody would actively try to have their employer fire someone over a word.  I even had a conversation with my mother about this and she told me that my decision to live overseas was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Even when I am out of the PC SJW world, I will always ask “How did it come to this?”  How did we fall so far from greatness?  Why is everybody eating each other?  I have a few guesses

Guess one would be the global economy.  It’s no secret that the global economy is not what it used to be nor will it ever be but it has effected a lot of people and they are frustrated at the prospects of finding a decent job well before they even go to school.  That could lead to some resentment. Heck, Even I was angry at some of the decisions being made by the government.  If you watch the news you hear crazier and crazier things that add to the frustration.  Day after day I continued to get angrier and angrier until I stopped watching the news.  I made the decision to stop but nowadays people actively look for something to be enraged at.  They go to their Twitter, Facebook and whatever other social media forums and participate in the online hate mob. Why?  Because being angry at something is cool now. It’s acceptable to be angry as long as your within the “right” group.  This group is known as the “Politcally Correct” or what I like to call it them “Social Justice Warriors”.

The SJWs are a weird breed.  They say they fight for justice but what it really means is “Just Us”.  These people have forced employers to fire people just for having a different opinion!  These people stalk their victims online badgering them with hateful words and demonize them.  I for one was labeled a rape apologist due to my stance on the James Deen and Stoya situation. In that statement I said that if clear cut evidence that James Deen has in fact raped and abused Stoya that he should be given the max penalty BUT if he is proven innocent, well then he is innocent. Simple right?  No. Not the SJWs of the highest moral and judgment that can do no wrong.  They are already painting him as a rapist.

These people want Anarchy. They do not want justice at least not for others but for only themselves.  That is not the way a civilized country operates.  Is it hard to prove a rape has actually happened? Yes. Is our judicial system perfect? No, but that is what separates us from some of the worst countries out there.  We don’t go out stoning people to death or throw acid on their faces.  We take that said person(s) to court and provide as much evidence as we can. Then we leave it up to the jury and the judge for the final decision.  But they don’t want that.  They want to demonize and destroy all those that they do not agree with.  And who created these monsters?  None other than some of our greatest universities. That’s right folks!  A place where we thought freedom of ideas could flourish and ideas could be exchanged while being open to criticism.  Not anymore.

These Social Justice Crybabies (yes I said it) have taken things to a whole different level.  University of Missouri was the first place this whole shitstorm took off.  Black students took the the university libarary being loud and obnoxious screaming “FUCK WHITE PRIVLEGE, FUCK WHITE PRIVLEGE”.  Yes, that is what justice looks like to these people. Play the victim and the attack, attack, attack. They even barricaded the VP of the University demanding and intimidating her to recognize them!    These people are the monster and bigots they claim everybody else to be.

What these SJWs do not realize is people will fight back.  People will step forward and say that you a wrong.  People will make their thoughts either heard or seen.  I for one have been seeing that from celebrities, news anchors and other average joe’s like myself.  I see this trend gaining traction as we see the ultimate insanity caused by the Politically Correct Inquisition.