Assholes Attack Tomi Lahren

Tomi’s family came under uncalled for fire just after Tomi had released a video criticizing Beyonce’s half time show and her hubby.  In the video Tomi pointed out the irony that Beyonce was escorted by police for protection yet sang an anti-police song and was dressed up as Black Panthers.  Only one word describes Beyonce for me….stupid.  Tomi also pointed out that her hubbies (Jay-z) rise to fame was from dealing drugs….WHICH WAS TRUE!  So what happened after?  A horde of uncivil, ignorant, racist blacks went after her family saying they were going to kill and rape her and her cousin.


THIS is my problem with black activists. I know not all black people are like that but jesus christ they act like savages.  You are simply showing the world that the stereotypes of black people are true…which they are not but people don’t know any better.  When you visit asia and they treat you different it’s because of that. It’s because the victim card is the card that is always played. You can’t make progress if all you do is complain and attack people that point out the obvious.  So get used to scrapping the bottom of the barrel because if you can’t crawl out that is where you will be.