It was the best of times…


nerd in the north

I didn’t want to kill myself yesterday.
Ron’s doing okay. A simple question you can ask most of the population and they’d say no to is, “do you want to die today?” Maybe over 80% would say no. There’s a lot of people out there in the world with mental illness, or people in general who are having a real bad time. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody, day in and day out constantly fighting against yourself, fighting your own mind when it’s doing everything it can to pull you deeper into that hole.

As much as my depression would like me to believe, I’m not a failure, or loser, I’m not pathetic or hopeless. I, in my state of anxiety and depression decided to do something, put myself out there and attempt something I’ve always wanted. There were times where I felt it wouldn’t work or that it was…

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