Why am in love with Play-Asia

DOA, also known as Dead or Alive, has mainly been a fighting game. A fighting game that features fierce fighters and who some are also scantily clad women. Every once in a while they release a version of the product where there are fun and intense games of beach volleyball accompanied with other fun mini games and revealing bathing suits. DOA has always been a mature franchise for adult gamers and prides itself on it until recently.

Koei Tecmo announced that DOAX3 will not be coming to the west due to the fear of the SJW backlash that seems to be an everyday routine now. Gamers were furious as they asked why the company would bend to the Social Justice Authoritarian club given the fact that the majority of their sales and core gamers are from that specific region. Koemi Tecmo practically stated that it did not want to deal with the outrageous backlash that was guaranteed to follow.

Then something amazing happened. Play-Asia, an importing company, out of Hong Kong said that gamers may buy the game from their site despite all the SJW nonsense. The amazing thing is this drew up even more salt! Sjws came out of the woodwork spewing threats of socially forced firings and lost customers/followers but then the amazing happened. Play-Asia stood up to them and fired back their own shots. Play-Asia made the right move because after they stood strong by their position they gained at least 2,000 more followers! I myself tweeted to them and expressing how I would now buy all my Xmas presents from their site! Now that’s a lot of dough!

This is not the first time either a situation like this has happened either. Protein World also faced public scrutiny from the social justice club when they featured an ad of a fit woman and the caption “Are you beach body ready?” Simple and effective right? Well people found it offensive by claiming it was fat shaming people. One woman took it to twitter and what was Protein Worlds response? Grow Up. People were furious and even vandalized an ad in a subway tunnel!   Yet Protein World gained more brand recognition and support from it!
So you see what we have here? We have people who are just lashing out at anything and everything they don’t find acceptable or offensive.  You can be offended at anything and everything. If you let that kind of ideal run long enough then everybody will have nothing.  This is a very scary thing that is happening rapidly throughout the US. To give you the scope of it…let me post the definition of Authoritarian.



favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom.
The last two words should scare you… “Personal Freedom”.  The most sacred thing in the US is now the most threatened.  Theses social justice crybabies do not want you to make your own decisions. They want to control every aspect of your life.  It is up to people who enjoy their personal freedoms to voice our opinions and fight back against these insane people.
And that is why I am in love with Play-Asia.  They stood up to those who seek to silence us and force us to do what they want.  They took their stand and were more than awarded for it.  You may have lost a few salty sjws, but you have gained thousands of new fans and customers.
Take my money Play-Asia….take my goddamn money.